Victoria Zurdo - Monadas

Victoria, single mom working handmade Guatemalan accessories for kids.

In Guatemala, public education ends with middle school, and my family could not afford to send me to high school. There is also a cultural belief held by many that women should not study. Then my mother and I found an answer to my desire to continue learning. We sold food to raise money so that I could learn dressmaking skills.

 I began working for a fashion store at age 14. Years after having my first child at 19, I completed high school and worked in an office as a secretary. However, the love I had for sewing never went away. 

Today, as a single mother with two wonderful boys, Alejandro, 14, and Gael, 5, I work in my home making bright and colorful accessories for children. This is a way for me to earn income doing what I love to do, work from home so I can be with my beloved boys, and make products that can help other children feel special when they wear them. 

My products make kids feel special and give them a boost of confidence! I use a traditional Guatemalan back strap loom, and design all the handmade products myself. As demand for my handwork increases I will provide work for other single mothers. My dream is to have a large enough facility where mothers can work together, and where their children can learn and play while their mothers work.

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