Silvia Leech - Wola Jade

Silvia Leech, jewelry designer with jadeite jade handcrafted in Guatemala


From a young girl I went along to my parent's jewelry store and happily kept myself busy watching and sometimes working with the designers making bracelets and necklaces for my friends at school.

Eventually, with the help of the designers and jewelry makers I found myself with enough of a small business of my own that helped me through college. Through a scholarship I spent some time studying in Thailand, where I refined my design skills. 

Since 2010 I have been designing jewelry with jade, and today have created an exclusive line for Wola Jade and handcrafted by talented artisans from "Casa del Jade". This jade is mined in Guatemala, and is an amazing material that comes in many colors. Many pieces are made in artistic response in silver or gold to the color and shape of a one-of-a-kind jade stone.
I have learned perseverance through four yearly attempts to win the scholarship to study design in Thailand. Today I help the poor in my native land achieve their dreams as well. The mines where my jade comes from are in Zacapa. It is very arid there, and has a high rate of malnutrition, especially among the children. Wola Jade supports the poor in Zacapa.
Dogs are another passion of mine. A significant portion of Wola Jade revenue goes to rescuing stray dogs from the street and finding a lovely home for them.
My dream today is for more people to experience the beauty, including the art and design that Guatemala offers. While there are challenges, Guatemala is a place rich in culture and wonderful people.
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