Irma & Alfredo - Precious Hands

Entrepreneurs, founders of Precious Hands, handmade handbags and cosmetic bags, made in Guatemala with upcycled fabrics, fair trade, ethically made

A beautiful group of over 150 indigenous men and women stand behind each Precious Hands product, a social enterprise run by Irma and Alfredo.

Together they invest their time in training, designing, producing, marketing and selling handmade high quality unique one-of-a-products.

From different backgrounds, but together with the same mission they want to see the artisans and their families be impacted by offering them fair wages and a decent living, doing what they love to do, sharing their talents and products with the world. 

It is amazing to see how closely the team works with each artisan, Irma dedicates part of her time traveling around the villages to visit them, as they work from home and take care of her families. They are revolutionizing the handicraft industry by creating high quality handbags and cosmetic bags.

Irma shared with us "our commitment from day 1, was to create a micro-loan program for our artisans, so they could also establish and grow their own business, invest in education and training to develop even more skills and improve their lives, so a percentage of our profits is designated to it. Moreover, our impact goes beyond the artisans that work with us, since 1990 we have been lending a helping hand through medical missions, educational scholarships and donations not only in Guatemala, but also in Honduras, Nicaragua, Uruguay and Argentina."

"We love Guatemala, we love our artisans and we love what we do, will you be part of our impact here while enjoying a beautiful purse or cosmetic bag?"

We invite you to check our exclusive collection here

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