About us

WOLA means "heart" in the Mayan language. It reflects our heart for Guatemala and our people. It is also a reminder that we can make a difference if we wholeheartedly show the world the beauty in the midst of the hardship that our artisans live.
We are here to make a difference: one family, one heart at a time. 



We offer to the world beautiful, high quality, handcrafted artisan and designers creations made in Guatemala.

We work with artisans and designers to deliver with the best quality standards to meet the expectations of our customer. Then we reinvest by keeping revenue flowing to the artisans.

In addition, a percentage of the sales is destined to support different causes, for this year we are going to sponsor kids education that otherwise wouldn't be able to go to school. Hopefully we may also help create awareness of the issues so many Guatemalan families have long endured.

We know we can’t change it all, but one person, one family at a time, we do make a significant difference for them. At the end of the day is all about giving back.