Luis Zamora - Wola Bags

recycled plastic bags handmade in Guatemala

As a 23 year old husband and father, I was in a terrible car accident that left me unable to find work. The doors just closed. At the same time my wife took a course to learn how to weave what we today call Wola Bags. 

She was having trouble keeping up with the demand, and so I began helping her. She is a very good teacher and I was able to learn the skill. Since then, we would make our baskets to sell at an NGO where we teach. It was not until January 2016, that we started our business that has made many happy customers with the durable and beautiful bags that we weave. The word seems to be spreading. 

Wola Bags are very practical, strong, durable and easy to clean. They are made from recycled plastics that come from PET bottles. Wola Bags is helping to keep the Guatemalan weaving tradition alive while providing employment to those who put every dollar to good use!

Our design inspirations come from the beautiful colors of nature all around us. We know how important top quality is. That is why we train every new artisan how to be the same kind of perfectionist that we are!

If our business had a motto, it would be "Never say no!" When faced with a challenge, there is always a solution.

We have currently outgrown our small home where all the work is done because Wola Bags have proven to be very popular. My dream is to build a good working place so we can teach and give employment opportunities to people like me that have a hard time finding jobs, specially elderly and teenagers. 

Will you join me in the pursue of my dreams? Check my collection here