Diana and Maura - Haus Designers

Handbag designers, handmade in Guatemala with huipiles and genuine leather


In 2014 we began crafting handbags and fashion accessories featuring fabrics from traditional Guatemalan guipiles, a traditional woman's blouse. The result of this recycling approach was an enthusiastic reception in stores in Guatemala and other nearby locations.

Today we work directly with the same weavers who make the fabrics for the traditional clothing, adding our own designs to their wide range of yarns, materials, patterns, and colors.

Once fabrics are selected based on their quality and fashion appeal, we then combine them with leather and a range of fittings to create unique artisan handbags, widely recognized for their beauty, quality and value.

Our approach not only results in beautiful products, but the added income supports local families and encourages weavers to continue the century's old traditions, while helping add to the amazing variety of traditional Guatemalan textile types and patterns.

With the purchase of Haus purses and handbags you are helping to keep Guatemalan weaving traditions alive while adding income to families for many of the basic needs of life.

In addition, you are also helping the artisan weavers, designers and skilled seamstresses who make them enjoy the personal satisfaction of producing work that is appreciated by others.

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