Bartolome and family - Wola Beads

Family beaded work, artisan Guatemala
Don Bartolome and his family, the organizers of Wola Beads, work together to train, buy, distribute the work, pay the ladies and then sell the merchandise. His children are in charge of designing. Everyone is responsible for quality control to ensure your delight with products from Wola Beads.

Over 100 people work in this busy coop! Most of them are mothers helping their families by earning an extra income doing this incredible bead work at home. Like mothers everywhere, they are busy cooking and taking care of their families. The beaded work adds a creative spark to their day, as well as adding extra income.

Every Wola Bead piece supports development of the artisan's community. Materials are supplied, and the artisans are paid upon delivery of their work. Families typically have at least three children, and fathers earn less than ten dollars per day working in nearby farm fields. This is why the added income is so important.

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