Natural moon jadeite jade with blue sapphires, fine jewelry, dangling earrings, handcrafted in Guatemalan, artisan made, handmade jewelry, unique, fair trade.

Dangling earrings with handcrafted moon jadeite jade beads and blue sapphires set in sterling silver

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This beautiful dangling earrings are unique combining natural moon jadeite jade and sapphires. Perfect for every day wear.

They have been delicately handcrafted from our nature given stone from the heart of America: jadeite jade, beautifully transformed into unique jewels in the hands of artisans in Antigua Guatemala. A town known for having the best skilled artisans and jewelers in the country that create pieces of art with jade.

Each piece of jewel is part of the land, culture and history of the natives of the American continent. Each represents the love and work of designers and artisans.


  • Natural non-treated moon (white-grayish) jadeite jade
  • Natural sapphires. 
  • Sterling silver.
  • Manufacturers warranty.
  • Handcrafted by Guatemalan artisans.
  • 100% made in Guatemala.


  • Jade bead diameter:  3/8 inch
  • Sapphire bead diameter: 1/8 inch
  • Total length: 2 1/4 inch



Silvia Leech, jewelry designer with jadeite jade handcrafted in GuatemalaWhat Silvia started at a young age is now a full time career to design, create and share with the world the beauty of Jade. Learn more


When you buy a beautiful handmade WOLA product you are directly enriching the life of many in Guatemala. Learn more.