Victoria and Gaby - Jaspe

Entrepreneurial moms working on handmade upcycled designer clothing line.

We are entrepreneurial moms who love to design and create products based on the beauty of the textiles native to our beloved Guatemala.

It is exciting for us to give new life to these traditional fabrics. To us, it seems that every thread has a story to tell about the unique blend of art and function developed over centuries by the people of our land since the Mayan civilization.

Today we seek to express the beauty of these textiles through products that are fashionable in a contemporary way so that many more people can enjoy and treasure them as much as we do.

Since 2012 we have been designing products based on this theme of modern designs using traditional textiles. We get our inspiration from our culture and the wonderfully innovative people we work with.

We work with textiles from different generations coming from four different regions in Guatemala. Most of our fabric is recycled and we work to ensure all products are made with 100% Guatemalan fabrics.

Many different organizations are supported in part by the sale of our products. One specific example is the foundation "Friends of San Nicolas," which helps meet the basic needs of a small village, focusing mainly on children's education.

We extend our appreciation to all those interested in our products, as we seek to expand our reach with offering these handmade artisan pieces.

Fashion revolution, empowering women, slow fashion, upcycled Mayan fabric, made in Guatemala, one of a kind designer clothing