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Everything started in my college years, I volunteered to help a group of women that were producing handicrafts but weren’t able to sell much and they were asking for help, soon I realized that the problem was the poor quality of their products, I became passionate about changing this situation to create high quality handmade products and train them to use only the best materials and to achieve for the best. It has been over 5 years now, It has been challenging and we have tried many different lines of products until finally we develop this amazing collection of unique straps. It has been a difficult journey and I have learned to persevere to achieve our dream of creating high quality handmade products in an ethical manner.

Why do we use only new straps? Vintage and up-cycled is good, but new straps is even better, because we are creating more job opportunities and we are helping the future generations to not loose an ancient art that has been passed from generation to generation. Before, many youth did not see any opportunity to make a living by weaving because the markets did not pay their time and work, but now they are motivated to receive a fair pay, to be encouraged that their work is appreciated it.

We work with the Chuwila Artisan group, with over 90 women from northern Guatemala, in Quiche, an area that has long suffered the effects of a cruel civil war, it is amazing to see how happy and motivated they are when they start weaving and creating beautiful patterns for what will be a unique strap.

We are creating hope and preserving a beautiful ancient art.

Weavers from Guatemala, creating beautiful unique bag straps, camera straps, guitar straps

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