Lake atitlan, wonder of Guatemala, central america, the most beautiful lake.Guatemala is an amazing place, a beautiful land full of color and culture, and the birthplace of the Mayan civilization, a legacy still alive today.
Guatemalan people are highly creative. Art is a vital component in every community.

Located on Mexico's southern border, Guatemala has a very high poverty rate. More than half of the population lives below the national poverty line, and 23% of the population lives in extreme poverty. Indigenous groups are more than 40% of the population, and live on less than $2 per day.

Nearly one-half of Guatemala's children under age five are chronically hungry, one of the highest malnutrition rates in the world..

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  Guatemala is strongly male dominated. Women in rural areas are lucky to have a sixth grade education. This limits their abilities to help support their large families.
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WoLa give women from many different backgrounds the opportunity to express their talent, but where our hearts delight the most is when we give women from the villages an opportunity to generate extra income to support their household, creating with their own hands and from their own imagination.